The coding jojo on pc

The coding jojo on PC

So, after I got my coding degree
It was agreed that i should have
A practical exercice

They dropped me
In the biggest paper industry
Of my country

The National Paper Industry of XYZ
(Now in the hands of foreign investors )

The production process was awesome

Machines like horse carriages
Producing tons and tons
Of paper per hour

I got a special tour from a2z
with special security helmet
And eardrops

I was supposed to improve
The whole cost accounting system

Whereas professional software engineers
Had failed

As an economist i had one advantage
I knew what i was doing
With the code

Impossible on mainframe
Would take years to write out
So i decided to try on pc

At that time unthinkable

Good old dos
An IBM AT 360
And lotus123 (better than excell)

And yes we did it!

Once the program was set
It took the pc 24 hours
To replace two counting people
Who did the same during a month

Nobody understood what i had been doing
Not even the computer department
Stuck as they were on mainframe

It was the first time i felt lonely
No appreciation
No understanding

And yet a running program

A thread for the computer department
A threat for the accounting department
A threath for the direction

I decided to go
To protect my self
To protect the others

The IBM AT PC at the computer museum
(I still have mine. Up and running.)

The coding jojo on pc
Hannover, Germany – March 22, 2017: The humanoid robot Pepper from SoftBank Group between men in suits at the ibm booth on CeBIT 2017. CeBIT is the world’s largest trade fair for information technology.

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