Blogs on fleek

IT is an adventure… a journey that never ends.

Mine started long ago.
When the computer was only mainframe and internet unexistent.

Years have passed by.

Technology and software have reached levels we could only dream of: internet, tablets, 3D, database, stylesheets, AI… and so much more!

An extended memory at our service!

Hats of to the million of coders and engineers who made this possible.

My blogs are a humble hommage to them. And to you, if you are one of those silent geniuses
operating in the background.

Blogs on fleek

Why fleek?

It is slang and means ‘in’, ‘to the point’.
Some of my blogs:

Samburu is an african dear

Where is IT running

The benefit of doubt

How to manage plugins

The orchestration of means

The coding jojo on PC

Design and themes, the beauty of form

The medium is the message

End of game

Litany if the messengers, the coders

Your webmaster on fleek

I love designing websites around fleek. Some examples:

Fleeky, the mascotte of international philosophers and speakers.

The beauty of blogging: Blog in peace

… and shopping: shop with a wow factor

Affiliate marketing and webbuilding with fleekyone and so much more.

IT should be fun. I hope to share a bit of this passion with all of you. Easy talks as they say. Enjoy!

Your webmaster

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